12 Days of Christmas Promotions

Help us promote your business during last days of shopping and dining before Christmas day.  Please tell us what, if any, promotions you have between December 12 and December December 24th (as we know some of you might close Dec. 23rd).  Please complete the information below to submit your information and promotions for the 12 Days of Christmas so we can share and push out to potential customers and help you drive customers to your business!  

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Are You Running a Special or Deal between Dec. 12th and Dec. 23rd, or 24th? It can be any special or ones you run daily. *
Please give us details on your special that you are running, whether it is a different one daily or one or two promotions between Dec. 12-23 or 24th. We need the date(s) promtion is running. Please list all of them.
If so, please email to events@dentonmainstreet.org.