Customer Appreciation July 2019 Sign-Up

Help us promote your business every Wednesday in July. Customer Appreciation is just that, a day you show your customers you appreciate their business with a special, discount, Buy One Get One special, refreshments, or you name it. It is every Wednesday of the month and it’s up to you if it’s the same each Wednesday or something different each Wednesday in July.  Please tell us what, if any, promotions you have on Wednesdays between July 3rd and July 31st. And, you will see a few other questions below for an additional promotion and drawing we are trying to do this July to encourage shopping and dining in downtown. If we get enough willing to do it, then we will get back to you and let you know and confirm details.

Please complete the information below to submit your information and promotions for the Customer Appreciation Month so we can share and push out to potential customers and help you drive customers to your business!  Please fill out the info on participation by MONDAY, June 17th. Thanks!

Name *
Are You Running a Special or Deal, or providing something special to customers on Wednesdays in July? It can be any special for each Wed. or different one for each Wed. of July. *
Please give us details on your special that you are running, whether it is a different one weekly or same for each Wed. of month. Please list all of them now if you know them, if not, we will need you to email us by June 21st no later at to tell us.
If so, please email to
Are you willing to contribute to a large door prize *
Would you be willing to contribute $25 to participate in a grand prize drawing promotion that would allow us to give away a big ticket item to customers spending more than $30 (suggested amount may change) in retail and restaurant establishments? Customers spending more than the set amount on a Wed. in July would get to enter the drawing. Each business with a customer qualifying to enter would need to inform the customers and have them fill out a drawing slip. Each business will have to collect the drawing slips to be picked up at end of month before the big drawing.