Downtown Denton Construction Communication Guide

Beginning in 2019, Denton has been undergoing some big repairs on streets and sidewalks in the downtown area. This guide is here to help you communicate with your customers about the construction. Many people will be curious about how the construction will affect your business, as well as the courthouse square in general. It’s important to provide the best, most up-to-date information and maintain an overall positive attitude. After all, these repairs are only going to make downtown Denton even more beautiful! Follow these guidelines when discussing construction on your social media accounts and with your customers.

Construction Plans

For a complete list of planned construction in Denton, visit the construction information page on the City of Denton website. The Construction Project Map and Construction Project Report under “Helpful Resources” can provide a detailed, up-to-date look at all the construction happening around the city. As of May 2019, these are the current construction plans that are expected to affect the downtown area: ● Sign repair at Wells Fargo (101 S. Locust) ● Sidewalk closures on E. Hickory and Austin, for sign repair ● Facade work at Lion & Crown (101 W. Hickory) ● Sidewalk repair and light installation, north, on Locust and Elm, from the Square to McKinney (Locust) and Parkway (Elm) ● Sidewalk repair and light installation, west, from the Square on Hickory and Oak to Carroll TXDOT Construction Not all of the construction taking place is city construction. Some of the construction is run by TXDOT, or the Texas Department of Transportation. This includes the road construction on Locust St. and Elm St. Unfortunately, the TXDOT information can be somewhat limited. We will do our best to keep you updated, but TXDOT tends to have less information regarding timelines and other details. [You can find the latest TXDOT project update here, and head to their website for more information.]

Communicating Online

Positive Messaging

All of this construction is taking place to make Denton a safer and more beautiful place to live and visit. Although construction can be difficult to navigate, focus on the positive aspects of these repairs when communicating about them online. Remind others that the construction is only temporary, but will make our city look great for years to come. Maintaining a positive attitude helps minimize the downsides and encourages people to continue to patronize affected businesses.

Avoid Negativity

Try to avoid negative messaging as much as possible. This includes apologizing — instead of saying you’re sorry about construction, simply state something like, “There’s some construction happening outside, but we’re still open!” Apologizing emphasizes the negative aspects, whereas simply acknowledging the construction downplays it. This makes customers feel like it’s not a big deal, encouraging them to still visit your business.

Example Phrases to Avoid

  • “I know this sucks, but…”

  • “Sorry about all the construction…”

  • “It’s crazy out here…”

  • “We know this construction is annoying…”

Common Questions & Suggested Responses

Here are some questions you may receive regarding construction, and example responses.

How long will the streets be closed?

You can find up-to-date timelines and construction details at Check out the Construction Project Map and Construction Project Report resources for a detailed breakdown of each project.

What streets and sidewalks are affected?

You can check out all of the construction projects at This will get you the most up-to-date information on everything happening around Denton! View the Construction Project Map and Construction Project Report resources for details and timelines.

How are streets selected to be repaired or replaced?

Two factors are taken into consideration when trying to determine whether or not a street needs to be repaired or replaced. The first is to determine the Overall Pavement Condition Index (OCI). This calculates the pavement’s condition rating and makes recommendations on how to improve its overall condition. The second factor is a field inspection by City of Denton Streets Department staff. During this inspection, the staff will determine if temporary repairs need to be made.

Why are they working on this street and not another that looks much worse?

Some streets require more than a new top layer. Once a street has been identified for repair, staff coordinates with major utilities, such as water and wastewater, and other franchised utilities, such as gas and fiber, to see if the lines below ground need to be replaced. Staff then works to coordinate with these utilities to ensure that all necessary repairs are made before the street is resurfaced or reconstructed. This reduces the chances that a street will be resurfaced only to have construction again soon after.

Recommended Responses

Feel free to use these examples for your social media accounts.

“Come on in, we’re open! There’s some construction happening outside, but we’re here and ready to serve you.”

“There may be some construction going down, but we’re still open!”

“The streets are getting a facelift, but we’re here and open! Stop by for [a bite, etc.].”

“Don’t mind the dust, we’re still open. 😊”

“There’s some construction happening outside, but don’t let that stop you from [joining us for brunch, checking out our new inventory, etc.].