Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed: Our Newest DMSA Members Are Here!

It feels like almost every day there's a new business in Downtown! We are so excited to have so many new local business owners, and now DMSA members as well. Denton, meet your newest neighbors and future favorite spots! 


Cowhide Western Furniture

How long have you been in the area? 

" We’ve lived in Corinth for the last 12 years, originally from Oklahoma. " Laura Hannah, Co-Owner. 

When did Cowhide Western Furniture get its start? 

" We started back in 2005 in Corinth, with our production warehouse in Krum. We only just recently moved into what we call our sample location on N. Elm Street. "

What made you decide to move your business to Downtown Denton? 

" We’ve been looking to move our business to the area for a long time, actually. Denton has such an eclectic group of residents, and most of our clients originate from Denton. We were happy to find a location that was more accessible to our clients, and that puts us closer into the community. "

Any upcoming events we should know about? 

" Our Grand Opening will take place all Memorial Weekend long! Stop by and check out our sample pieces, check out our customizing application to produce the furniture of your dreams, and more. "


Susie’s Snack Shop

How long have you been in Denton? 

" I was born and raised right here in Denton! M family and I have been here for many years and have always loved being residents of Denton. " -Katy Portillo, Owner. 

How long have you been a Denton business? 

" Well, Susie’s Scrumptious Snacks started as a vendor at the Denton Community Market for five seasons now, however Susie’s Snack Shop, my brick + mortar location, only just opened late April. I’ll continue to have both businesses operating throughout the market season. "

Why did you choose DMSA?

" For me, it felt almost like due diligence. My mother is an entrepreneur as well and has been for many years. Her advice to me when I first started my own business was join everything. Being part of the conversation and organizations in town helps boost your reach as a business and connects you to future business AND friends! On top of that, I’ve always loved being involved in the community - I was in lots of student organizations in high school, etc. - and love giving back and interacting with people. "

What do you love most about your business location? 

" We have such a supportive neighborhood! As it’s grown and I’ve spent more time in this physical location, I’ve really gotten to know the businesses around me. We’re all constantly trading products and services as ways of supporting one another. It’s been a really beautiful experience to be one of the many local businesses in our area. "

Any upcoming events or specials you’d like to share? 

" I’ll be at the Community Market every Saturday until November. Our Grand Opening with the Denton Chamber of Commerce is on May 18th at 4pm. We’ll also be at the Best in Fashion Art Wear show at UNT on May 19th! "


Dix Coney Island

How long have you been in Denton? 

" We’ve been here as residents and as a business for four years now, having moved from near Detroit, Michigan. " - Atixhe Adili, co-owner. 

Why did you choose Downtown Denton as the home for your business? 

" Well, my brother is friends with our property manager, and my sister has lived here for a number of years. We came to visit her on vacation about seven years ago, and immediately fell in love with Denton. Denton and Texas are so beautiful to us and we just couldn’t escape our love for it. We planned a vacation to here every year ever since! One year, we finally decided to take the jump and move down here and start our second location on the square. Here we are now! "

What made you want to join DMSA? 

" Honestly? We couldn’t have joined any sooner. We want to be more integrated with the community and fellow business members and just grow our presence here. Main Street Association seemed like the best stepping stone to make that happen for us and it’s truly paying off. "

Any upcoming specials or events? 

" We are authoring a new chili recipe handcrafted in house! In the past, we’ve been importing our chili from Michigan to bring that true Detroit Coney Island flavor, but now we’re working on creating a bit of chili magic of our own. We are also working on some menu changes to our breakfast menu, and are considering hosting live music! Pay attention to our social media for more updates on that. "


ServePro Denton

How long have you been a business?

" SERVPRO of Denton has been in business for close to 30 years. I have personally been in the business for over 16 years in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. " Kristi Stokes, Managing Partner. 

Why choose Downtown Denton as your new business home?

" We are moving our main operations to Denton because of the sense of community and pride everyone in the Denton community has.  Denton is a fast growing area but seems to remain a friendly small town that cares about their success and growth of the area. "

What do you love most about Denton?

" The small town feel yet it is one of the fastest growing areas in the state. "

Any upcoming events, specials, opportunities etc., that you’d like for us to share with the community?

" We are already actively participating in giving back to the community; whether it is participating in the Denton Chamber events or working with DISD in adopting schools in need, we are making 2018 our year of giving back and helping to make an impact in this community. We have a very active marketing plan in place for Denton throughout the year and look forward to getting to know all of the opportunities within the Denton community. "

Danielle Longueville